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Seychelles Vacation Packing List

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Seychelles Vacation Packing List
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Seychelles Vacation Packing List

To Ease your packing stress, we have constructed a packing list for your Seychelles vacation.  We advise you to bring light clothes, as Seychelles is a tropical climate. There is no need to bring beach towels as Sables d’Or Luxury apartments provides them in your apartment. Please keep in mind that each self-catering apartment is equipped with a washing machine and drying rack.


  • Travel Documents: These are extremely important to travel to the Seychelles. Passport, driver’s license, and plane ticket.


  • Well-Packed Carry On: Pack your carry on with any items that would be essential within 24 hours of travel. This includes prescriptions, toiletries, a change of clothing and shoes, and definitely a bathing suit! With international travel, luggage can be delayed for up to a day.  A well-equipped carry on will leave you able to enjoy Beau Vallon Beach.


  • For day to day activities: pack a variety shorts, t-shirts, polo’s for men and sarongs, kaftans, dresses, shorts and tops for women. Seychelles fashion is casual and comfortable but with a tropical style. I would advise bringing multiple bathing suits and perhaps a rash guard to protect you from the sun. For dinner, men should bring at least one pair of long pants as some restaurants have a mandatory dress code.


  • Comfortable shoes: You will need a pair of trainers/sneakers if you wish to hike. Sandals, water shoes and flip-flops will also be useful.


  • Sunglasses & Hats: You should pack as much sun protection as possible. A wide rimmed hat or baseball cap will keep the sun from burning your face. Sunglasses to protect your eyes.


  • Toiletries: Please bring all your sunblock and after sun. We have seen a lot of clients get sunburnt. Please put it on everyday, even if it is cloudy or rainy. We have Aloe Vera plants in the garden that you can use. Bring all your medications that you require and a small first aid kit. Bug spray is also advisable.


  • Travel Adapters: Please pack adapters for all your equipment.


  • Grocery Items: We recommend you bring any specialty food/snack /coffee /tea items. Seychelles supermarkets have limited brands. We have a nespreso machine and would advise to bring the pods, as they are expensive here. Alcohol and cigarettes should be purchased in duty free as it will save you money.



  • Waterproof cases and bags: If you plan on doing water and beach activities, ziploc bags are perfect for keeping things dry. For cameras and electronics that can’t risk any contact with water, purchase a waterproof case that is airtight.


  • Snorkel Gear: If you plan on snorkeling or diving bring your own snorkel gear. It will definitely be much cheaper, and in some cases more sanitary then renting or buying in the Seychelles. There are a number of dive centers that are in walking distance to us if you want to rent.


  • Rain Gear: We do get a strong downpours every now an again and it is advisable to bring a light waterproof rain jacket and a small umbrella. We at Sables d’Or Luxury apartments do supply umbrellas for your use.


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