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Things To Do
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Things To Do


  • Anse Major Hike - This relatively easy trail wind its way along the rocky northwestern coastline of Mahe, leading to the small-secluded beach of Anse Major. The start of the hike is at Bel Ombre. There is an option to take a water taxi back. Bring plenty of water, snorkeling gear and a picnic.

 Anse Major - Things To Do

  • Sir Selwyn Clarke Market - A visit to Mahe's busy and colorful market is the way to get a feel for the Seychellois and their way of life. Built in 1840 and renovated in 1999, it remains the bustling heart of the capital and definitely the best place to buy fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and spices. We advise to go during the week Monday - Friday 9am to 12pm.

Sir Selwyn Clarke Market

  • Botanical Gardens - Located in Mont Fleuri, on the outskirts of Victoria, Botanical Garden is one of Seychelles oldest National Monuments, dating back more than a century. It houses a wide collection of mature, exotic and endemic plants within five acres of landscaped and beautifully maintained tropical gardens. Apart from the palms, the garden is home to a wide variety of spice and fruit trees most of which can only be seen in this garden. Fruit bat colonies can be found feeding or roosting in the taller trees overhead and the latest feature is an orchid house that holds a collection of brightly colored orchids including Seychelles' own native orchids. Entrance fee is 100 rupees.  

 Botanical Garden

  • Anse Royale - The stretch of small rock  - fringed coves along the coast of Anse Royale on the south-eastern coast of Mahe, The best areas for snorkeling are around the rocks at Fairyland and up the small island just off the coast, where there are myriad brightly colored coral fish. The water here is enclosed behind a reef. Currents can be deceptively strong, thus it is unadvised to swim out too far.

 Anse Royale

  • Anse Soleil - On the southwestern coast of Mahe is a stunningly attractive bay, good for swimming and snorkeling, presenting a wide stretch of sandy beach, surrounded by large shady trees. There is also a small beachside cafe here, which serves excellent seafood.

 Anse Soleil

  • The Mission Lodge - The Mission Lodge is perhaps the most famous vantage point in all of Seychelles, offering spectacular sea and mountain views looking southward across Mahe, from the shaded and peaceful confines of a gazebo where Queen Elizabeth II once sat for tea.

 Mission Lodge

  • Michael Adams Studio - Michael Adams is one of Seychelles' most famous artist whose work enjoys considerable popularity both at home and abroad. His Art Gallery is situated at his residence at Anse Poules Blues and filled with colorful silk - screens, watercolor paintings, postcards, line blocks and calendars.

 Michael Adams Studio

  • La Plaine St. Andre - La Plaine St Andre is not just a great restaurant where you can discover our chef's contemporary take on the most popular traditional Creole classics. The traditional plantation house, originally built in 1792, has been lovingly restored and now offers the perfect setting to relax, unwind and indulge yourself with our tantalizing menu and cocktail list. As the new home of Takamaka Bay Rum, no visit to La Plaine St. Andre would be complete without visiting the Trois Frere Distillery followed by a rum tasting.

La Plaine St Andre

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